Sunday, October 27, 2013

AllStr33ts is a design collective, that ran a working group called Comfort Community. The purpose of Comfort Community was to develop an eco-conscious community model that would function within the confines of an urban environment. Despite the group's best efforts, the original project failed. Currently, the goal of the organization is to start fresh, using the lessons we have learned to guide us. 

We have begun the S7ven G3neration Project in order to explore sustainable economic and community infrastructure. Currently, our goal is to build a series of eco-conscious housing models and we have partnered with the Paugussett Tribe of Colchester,CT to create them.The Paugussett Tribe of Colchester , has decided to create a sanctuary that is funded by a campground.  Their goal is to create social and economic culture that is completely independent.

These two projects represent a joint effort to reinvigorate two communities. By building our models on their land, we are developing their sanctuary. In addition to this, materials created by our community will be used to generate revenue for additional projects relating to building infrastructure for the Paugussett Tribe. As a part of this project, we will be able to develop an artist community, test our models, and secure resources to take our project to the next level.

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