From the very beginning, our priority has been the creation of art, and finding dedicated spaces for that goal. We were able to support Dance 4 Peace performances across the country, and we look forward to finally having the space and time to create the full-scale dance production. The prospectus is available for viewing on the Briefs/Statements tab.

We started creating videos by accident. We got an opportunity to be a part of a live broadcast on MNN, and a part of our responsibility was to produce content. We had such a good time, that we decided that this was something that we would like to explore in the future. The future came really fast, we began producing for a weekly show shortly thereafter. The videos we created were shot an edited on an Ipod. We also provided on-air talent for the broadcast. An archive of some of the media we created is on Youtube. 

Fashion is a big focus for a lot of our artists. They like to dress well, and they like to break traditions with their fashion choices. #fashionnotwar was started as a way to support the fashion addiction of our artists and support the community. #fashionnotwar was instrumental in prepping activists for interviews, and provided on-air talent for a series of tutorials that were filmed but did not make it out of production. #fashionnotwar produced costumes for Dance 4 Peace, Allstr33ts Theatre, and the Fashion Not War Project. One of the #fashionnotwar artists became really good at facepaint and offered facepainting in lieu of wearing masks at protests (mask-wearing is illegal in New York).

During the time that we were exploring alternate housing alternatives, we discovered how much waste is produced each day. We began to understand that this waste can be collected and recycled to create a world where productivity is measured by creativity. We can harness our ability to be innovative, and create a lifestyle where art and its practice combine with environmental awareness. This combination would produce a humane sustainable environment for artists that would create a very small footprint. After consulting with several builders and no architects, we came up with a plan to build an aerodynamic structure that could attach to a reinforced bicycle, car, truck, or SUV. One of our artists met Peace Chief Aurelius Piper during a convention in New Haven, Connecticut. The Peace Chief indicated to the artist that he would be interested in hosting our tribe. After a three day negotiation session The Seven Generations Pact was created.

Currently, we are preparing to set up our tribe of artists on the Golden Hill Paugussett Reservation on April 1, 2013. We are preparing to throw a festival from Earthday to Mayday, and begin a filming a “daily dairy” about our project. We are very excited!

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